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Fifty Shades of Grey Principles of Lust Couples Kit


Your partner will definitely┬ábe intrigued by your new playtime kit, it offers so many ways to explore that’ll keep it tantalising each and every time.

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With a fantastic mix of light bondage and sensory thrilling toys, the Fifty Shades of Grey Principles of Lust makes for a mind blowing kit for couples.

Perfectly suited to your bedroom at home, although it can be even more hair-raising when used during a naughty weekend away, when away on holiday or when staying over at their place for a few nights.

Starting with the blindfold, your partner will be deprived from sight, but don’t worry as this generally leads to their other senses being heightened. They won’t be able to see what you’re going to do next which makes it that much more kinky. The pair of silk-like wrist restraints allow you to take control of their hands, either tieing them to the bed frame or just keeping their hands together above their head and out of the way.

Next up is the feather tickler and finger vibrator which allows you to tease and tempt their body with an array of gratifying and vibrating pleasure. Finally, when you’re both ready for penetration, the cock ring will help to keep him harder for longer, letting you both have a thrillingly long session of passion and exploration.

What’s Included:

  • 1x Blindfold
  • 1x Pair of Silky Wrist Restraints
  • 1x Feather Tickler
  • 1x Finger Vibrator
  • 1x Cock Ring

The Principles of Lust kit is part of the official Fifty Shades Darker pleasure collection.

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Silicone, Polyester, Plastic


3 x LR44 Batteries



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